Messina Paratte Guikoume, la dynamique bâtisseuse

Messina Paratte Guikoume, the dynamic builder

Africa today faces many challenges. Beyond the race for development, which is irreversible, the fight for respect for the dignity of the African people is more than ever on the agenda. Through the force of education, Africa can now count on a well-trained elite spread all over the world.

The Cameroonian diaspora also, more and more affirms its will to contribute to the development of Cameroon. Messina Paratte Guikoune, a dynamic and energetic young woman, is one of the new actors determined to face all difficulties to participate actively in the development of their country. The founder of Messibat International is an entrepreneur to follow.

Messina Paratte Guikoume is a civil engineering entrepreneur who graduated from the École Supérieure des jeunes graduates du Bâtiment (ESDJB) in Monasque in France. Aware that real estate is a business sector with extraordinary potential in Africa, in 2008 the young lady created the company Messibat International in France and Cameroon. In Cameroon, the entrepreneur, relies on local materials to provide affordable housing to populations, she called this project "Affordable housing". With a strong taste for innovation, Messina Paratte Guikoume also places ecology at the center of its actions. After Cameroon, the CEO continues her conquest of the continent with West Africa. Messibat International is now present in Togo and Ghana.

Messina Paratte Guikoume is one of this generation of Cameroonian women who work tirelessly to contribute effectively and efficiently to the development of Cameroon and Africa. Between dynamism, ambition and above all determination, the young entrepreneur shows the face of the useful diaspora that we would like to see more and more on the ground. In 10 years, Messina Paratte Guikoume has been able to position her company as a serious company capable of carrying out great projects. Beyond construction and Public Works, Messina Paratte Guikoume also works in agri business in Cameroon. In 2015, she founded the company Les douceurs de Messina, which specializes in transforming fruit into 100% organic natural juice, jams, compotes, etc.